Things I hate about Windows 10

Although Windows 10 is Windows’ most popular operating system and the most popular operating system in the world, it still has some major design flaws and issues that haven’t been fixed ever since its release in 2015.

1. Non-Consistent UI

With the release of Windows 10, the UI received a massive overhaul. Although some parts of the UI were similar to Windows 8, it was almost non-identical to Windows 7. In Windows 10, Microsoft had favored a simpler and minimalistic design and eventually introduced their design system in 2017 called “Microsoft Fluent Design System”. This new design system was very promising since it promised to create an intuitive and responsive UI experience while also maintaining a uniform cross-platform experience. However, almost 4 years later and only a handful of Microsoft apps have adapted this new design.

An example of this is the Calculator app which introduces blur, and unique hover effects.


I am a big fan of this new design system, and I think other people like it as well. Sadly though, this design system is only adopted by a few apps. The majority of apps either adopt a lifeless design while still fitting in with Windows 10, or they look more like an application taken out straight from Windows XP or Windows 7. An example of this is the Math Input Panel application which adopts the same menu bar as Windows 7.

Math Input Panel

Another example similar to this is the difference between the Windows 10 settings application which adopts Microsoft’s Fluent Design System, and the Windows Control Panel (same as Settings application but has more configurations and options).

Settings Application
Control Panel Application

The Control Panel application looks like it has also been taken out straight from Windows XP or Windows 7.

2. Bloatware

Bloatware is any unwanted apps that come pre-installed with an operating system or program. Bloatware can slow down your computer and take up valuable space in your disk. Windows 10 has a ton of Bloatware.

Windows start menu with bloatware apps and games

It is usually in the form of games such as Candy Crush Friends, Candy Crush Saga, Cooking Fever, Asphalt 8, and much more. Thankfully, these apps can be uninstalled with just a few clicks.

3. Old Accessories and Apps

Since so many businesses and people depend on Microsoft’s legacy applications such as MS Paint, WordPad, and more, Microsoft has decided to keep these legacy applications on Windows 10 and pre-installs them. However, I think these apps should be optional to install during the setup screen or in the Microsoft store since most users don’t use these applications.

4. Uninstallable Apps

Most apps that are pre-installed on Windows 10 are uninstallable, and the uninstallation process usually takes 2 or 3 clicks. However, some apps are uninstallable for absolutely no reason.

Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant can be disabled but not installed. The “Your Phone” app, which is fully functional with a few phones is also uninstallable, and the Xbox Game Bar app is also uninstallable.

I’m not sure why Microsoft has chosen to make these apps uninstallable since they do not provide any core functionality for Windows 10 to function.

5. Uncostomizable Browser Options

Recently, Microsoft created their new chromium-browser called Microsoft Edge. Although the browser is not the worst, I prefer to use Firefox due to its numerous extensions, features, and strong security. Thankfully, Windows has a feature to set your default browser, however, this feature is very limited.

When setting your default browser as Firefox for example, all Windows does is open links to Firefox by default and not Edge. However, Windows does not open links in your default browser if you use the Windows Search feature, instead, it opens in Microsoft Edge.

Windows 10 search feature

Windows also opens help links (usually found in the settings applications) in Microsoft Edge. This is quite frustrating for me as Microsoft Edge is not my preferred browser, and I’m not a big fan of using two different browsers at once.

Final Thoughts

Windows is an overall great operating system, but there are small things in the operating system that grind my gears me such as their inconsistent design. Since Microsoft announced that they would no longer be releasing new versions of Windows, but instead releasing small updates every few months, I really do hope they commit to their new design system and fix the major issues the OS has.