Migrating website + Future plans


Migrating the website to a VPS

Today I've changed where this site is being hosted. Previously I was using GitHub Pages to host my website for free. I've had a couple limitations with GitHub Pages though.

  1. You can only run static websites on GitHub Pages, dynamic websites do not work. So if I choose to rewrite this website in React or Vue some day (which I plan on doing), I will not be able to host it on GitHub Pages.
  2. GitHub only allows you to host one website per account. I already have another website being hosted on my main GitHub account so I needed to make a second alternate account just to host this website.
  3. GitHub requires you to keep your website open source if you want to use GitHub pages. This isn't a super big deal for me but I'd rather have my personal website's source code be private than public.

So as a result of all these limitations I went ahead and moved my website to my VPS. Migrating the website was actually much easier than I though. All I had to do was point the site's DNS records to my VPS, then create a nginx config for the site.

Future plans for this site


During this summer I would really like to take on a JavaScript framework like React or Vue and attempt to build a website using one of them. I would also like to migrate this blog to React or Vue in order to make the website faster and to make writing blogs more efficient. In the future I'd like to be able to have markdown files for each blog article and easily be able to convert each markdown file into an html file. This would increase my ability to write blogs each month since I won't have to code as much.