Flutter's Lack of AdMob Support

Flutter, the popular cross platform framework for building mobile apps, currently lacks support for AdMob, one of the most popular mobile ad network. Although Google recently created an official AdMob plugin for Flutter, it has only reinvented the wheel and has not provided Flutter developers with stable AdMob plugin.

Support for Ad Networks

Since Flutter is a farely new framework, there is little support for many Ad Networks for Flutter. This makes it harder for developers to monetize their apps through advertisements which makes Flutter less compelling for developers heavily dependent on ads for their revenue.

Google's Flutter AdMob Plugin

In early March of 2021, Flutter 2.0 was released and with that the official Google AdMob plugin with Flutter was released. Many Flutter developers including me were very excited to start using this plugin since many of the other existing AdMob plugins had many bugs and performing issues. However we were soon dissapointed when the plugin was released.

Problems with the Plugin

When the plugin was released it had turned out that it was just a reinvention of the wheel. Just like all other previous Flutter AdMob plugins, this plugin using platform views. Platform views allow you to embed native views in Android and iOS right into your Flutter app. So what the plugin did was use an Android and iOS platform view to display the ad. This method has already been used before for other unofficial AdMob plugins and comes with tons of issues. Platform views are very inefficient and can significantly slow down your app. There have been many issues on the plugin's repository with devices' framerate significantly dropping after using this plugin and I personally have noticed that my app slowed down by a lot after I started using this plugin. The plugin also comes with a lot of random bugs and errors. Ads sometimes fail to load, they sometimes appear in the wrong place, they are sometimes stuck at the top or bottom of the screen, and the list of problems goes on. As of right now there are about 60 issues on the plugin's repo and almost none are being fixed or replied to. I'm quite dissapointed in this plugin since I had hoped it would finally bring stable support for AdMob on Flutter. Since AdMob is Google's own ad network, and Flutter is their own framework they should provide a completely new widget/implementation for ads without depending on platform views.

Final Thoughts

Until Google fixes their plugin, I've had to resort to a plugin made by an individual which works a thousand times better. Although the plugin also uses platform views, its performance is much better and the ads almost always show up and don't display any errors or problems. I do hope Google or Flutter rework their plugin and implement mediation sometime in the near future so that Flutter developers can have a stable and secure way to monetize their apps.